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JCRC Council

About Us

The JCRC Council is responsible for JCRC international and domestic policies and positions in which the JCRC publicly advocates in the name of the Jewish community. It also is responsible for JCRC's participation in the annual resolution process of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. The council is comprised of representatives of JCRC's 32 member organizations and 14 at-large members. Community representatives are recommended each year by the nominating committee and elected at the Annual Meeting. Each member organization is assigned 2 representatives.

All policy decisions are a reflection of the mission and the goals of the JCRC.  We work to achieve a consensus on issues of central concern to the Jewish community wherever possible, in both the domestic and the international arenas, and to articulate those positions in an appropriate manner.  In doing so, we recognize and draw upon the strength and expertise of our constituent agencies to represent and express Jewish interests and values in the community.  In addition, the JCRC works with organizations and institutions in the general community to promote and enhance the values of American pluralism and democratic freedoms.

It is the responsibility of agency representatives to bring to the Council the positions of their organization and to reflect its views.  Agency representatives are also asked to keep their agencies informed of deliberations and decisions of the Council.

New policy positions can be initiated by the JCRC Board, a JCRC Committee/Task Force, a Constituent Agency, an individual member, the JCPA (Jewish Council on Public Affairs) or non-JCRC Jewish community organization.  The issue is brought to the JCRC Board prior to coming before the Council for consideration or reconsideration. 

Voting Procedures

Each member organization of the Council is entitled to a maximum of two votes, to be cast by its duly authorized representatives.  In the absence of a representative, an alternate from the same organization may vote.

Each At-Large Representative is entitled to one vote.

The immediate Past-President of the Council and officers of the JCRC are entitled to one vote.

A two-thirds majority of those present makes up a consensus.

Voting by proxy and cumulative voting are not permitted.

  • The JCRC is a beneficiary organization of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis

    The JCRC is a beneficiary organization of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis