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Advocacy and Public Policy

Our Priorities

The JCRC educates, advocates, and acts on issues at the local, state, and national levels to advance Jewish concerns in the public arena.

JCRC advocates on a range of issues concerning which it has developed an official position. 

When is a Policy Issue a Jewish Issue?

  • Does it affect the safety and security of Jews in America, in Israel, or elsewhere?
  • Does it impact the state of democratic pluralism in the United States?
  • Does it affect the internal quality of Jewish life, and does it help support Jewish institutions?
  • Does it involve a Jewish religious imperative?
  • Does it relate to the historical experience of the Jews?
  • Does the Jewish community have both the resources and the expertise to deal with it?
  • Is it a matter of concern for our coalition partners?
  • Can the Jewish community make a difference on this issue?

Recent Work

Twice this week, Cheryl Adelstein gave testimony on behalf of JCRC to the Senate and House Statewide Redistricting Commissions on Saturday 10.16 and Thursday 10.21. Click "Redistricting in Missouri" for a copy of her remarks.

Because of Amendment 3, which passed in November, the Commission can consider drawing districts without counting children and non-citizens. JCRC testified that we believe that every person in the community should be counted. As stated in Deuteronomy 29:9-11, everyone in our community has a role and therefore everyone should be counted.

Missouri has counted everyone in state legislative maps since the 1800s. Using anything other than the total population as the population base for maps would be discriminatory, wrong, illegal, and immoral.

JCRC was proud to coordinate with nine other Jewish organizations across the State in support of the Freedom to Vote Act. The coalition jointly published an op-ed that appeared in the Jewish Light, and then individually asked their organization members to contact Senators Blunt and Hawley, and tell them to "Let Our People Vote." We are grateful to all who took action. The vote occurred as anticipated on October 20, and, unfortunately, was voted down before discussion could begin.

Creating JCRC Policy

The JCRC is the umbrella organization for 32 St. Louis Jewish community agencies and organizations.  All policy decisions are a reflection of the mission and the goals of the JCRC.  We work to achieve a consensus on issues of central concern to the Jewish community wherever possible, in both the domestic and the international arenas, and to articulate those positions in an appropriate manner.  In doing so, we recognize and draw upon the strength and expertise of our constituent agencies to represent and express Jewish interests and values in the community.  In addition, the JCRC works with organizations and institutions in the general community to promote and enhance the values of American pluralism and democratic freedoms.

It is the responsibility of agency representatives to bring to the Council the positions of their organization and to reflect its views.  Agency representatives are also asked to keep their agencies informed of deliberations and decisions of the Council.

At-Large Representatives have been selected on the basis of their involvement in the community.  They are asked to bring this experience to bear in Council discussions and votes.

New policy positions can be initiated by: the JCRC Board, a JCRC Committee/Task Force, a Constituent Agency, an individual member, the JCPA (Jewish Council on Public Affairs) or non-JCRC Jewish community organization.  The issue is brought to the JCRC Board prior to coming before the Council for consideration or reconsideration.

Voting Procedures

Each member organization of the Council is entitled to a maximum of two votes, to be cast by its duly authorized representatives.  In the absence of a representative, an alternate from the same organization may vote.
Each At-Large Representative is entitled to one vote.
The immediate Past-President of the Council and officers of the JCRC are entitled to one vote.
A two-thirds majority of those present makes up a consensus.
Voting by proxy and cumulative voting are not permitted.

  • The JCRC is a beneficiary organization of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis

    The JCRC is a beneficiary organization of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis