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April 1990 Jerusalem as Capital

The following resolution was passed with three opposed:

The United States Congress, in recent resolutions in the House and Senate, reflected what we believe is the attitude of the American people, in asserting its conception of Jerusalem as the united eternal capital of Israel. In their actions, the members of Congress also expressed the view that “every Jew has the right to live in Jerusalem”.

The rights of Jews to live in Jerusalem, particularly within the walls of the Old City, has been clearly demonstrated since 1967 by the rebuilding of the Jewish Quarter which was destroyed by the Jordanians following the Independence War of 1948. At the same time, it is also clear that this right should be exercised with due consideration to the religious sensitivities of Jerusalem’s inhabitants and to the diverse character of the city.

We regard the recent incident of Jewish settlement in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem as inconsistent with the longstanding Israeli Government policy, which has ensured the richness of religious and ethnic diversity in Jerusalem’s Old City.

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