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We convene our St. Louis Jewish Community around a common table.

JCRC convenes the Council which is composed of one representative from over 30 local Jewish agencies, up to 10 at-large members and the Board of Directors. The Council determines policy positions that influence how JCRC advocates on issues in the name of the Jewish community.

We build deep relationships in the greater St. Louis Community.

JCRC represents Jewish values when working with other religious, ethnic, cultural, civic, and social justice organizations to improve the quality of life for all.

We mobilize our community for change.

JCRC utilizes the following questions to determine programming and policy priorities:

  • What are issues of concern to the Jewish Community?
  • What are issues impacting the success of the greater St. Louis region?
  • Where can JCRC make a unique impact?  
  • What are other Jewish agencies doing to engage in the issue of concern?
  • What are areas of priority for our religious, ethnic, cultural, civic, and social justice organization partners?
  • With whom does JCRC need to establish or strengthen partnerships?  
  • What are areas of priority for elected officials?
  • What areas of priority or issues of concern are on the horizon?
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