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January 1999 Campaign Finance Reform

The following guiding principles were passed with 1 vote against:

The JCRC has made it a priority to encourage responsible voter participation through voter registration, absentee ballot proliferation, and candidate forums. In accordance with the effort, the JCRC should advocate on behalf of fair campaign finance reform. Toward this end, we put forth these Guiding Principles for Campaign Finance Reform:

• Free candidates from the constant preoccupation with raising money and allow them more time to serve the public interest.
• Maximize the opportunity for each individual’s participation in the political process by limiting wealth as a determinant of a citizen’s influence within the political process.
• Level the playing field for candidates so that anyone who is qualified can compete regardless of wealth or access to it.
• Limit the influence of special interest money in elections.
• Reduce the escalating cost of elections.
• Preserve the free speech rights of candidates and voters.

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