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January 2012 Voter Photo ID

The following resolution was passed by a vote of 21-1 by the JCRC Council at its January 10, 2012 meeting.

The JCRC believes that the right to vote is a fundamental right and that all persons wishing to vote should be given a meaningful opportunity to do so. Insurmountable obstacles to voting such as a Voter Photo Identification should not be a requirement to vote.

Obtaining a Voter Photo ID in Missouri requires documentation that is difficult for an estimated 230,000 registered voters to obtain, including senior citizens, young adult voters, members of the working poor, African-Americans, many immigrants and victims of devastating natural disasters.

In most circumstances, legislation and ballot initiatives requiring photo ID in Missouri have listed a Missouri Drivers License or a Non-Drivers License as the required Photo ID documentation necessary to vote. Obtaining either type of license requires showing a United States birth certificate certified with an embossed, stamped or raised seal issued by a state or local government or a certification of citizenship, naturalization or birth abroad. These documents are frequently impossible for some citizens to obtain even if they have the time and money to get them.

There are no documented cases of voter impersonation in modern Missouri history under either
Republican or Democratic Secretaries of State.

Therefore, the JCRC opposes enactment of a Voter Photo ID requirement which will possibly disenfranchise thousands of otherwise qualified voters to solve a nonexistent problem.

The St. Louis Jewish Community Relations Council supports taking the following action steps:

1. Oppose ballot initiatives and legislation that would require a valid state or federal photo ID in
order to vote.

2. Work with other organizations and coalitions in opposing a Photo ID as a requirement for

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