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November 1990 Anti-Discrimination

The following resolution was approved by a vote of 21 to 0 with 2 abstentions:

Protection from discrimination is not a “special right” but a basic human right that should be a cornerstone of any society. Such fundamental rights should not be subject to a vote, for this places all minorities in jeopardy. On this basis, the JCRC opposes the initiative ballot proposal that would prohibit civil rights of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. To arbitrarily single out any group by placing in the Missouri Constitution a provision banning them from fundamental civil rights protections is simply wrong.

The JCRC has a long-standing and deeply held position unalterably opposed to discrimination. As Jews, we are especially aware of the dangers of tyranny of the majority. We recognize that a society that is committed to equal rights, justice, and opportunity for all is most conducive to Jewish security.

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